Front-end Developer

I’m David Lewendon, a front-end web developer with a passion for UX, based in Brighton UK , this is my online portfolio. I hand craft unique user-friendly websites that are accessible, easy to use, with clean HTML/CSS and sometime with a little  JavaScript. All my work is Compliant to W3C standards and custom designed for individuals & businesses. I have worked in this industry for about 10 years.


Work in progress…

OK so as you can see I’m in the process of updating my site so this means that you’ll be seeing some strange content, layouts and possibly colour schemes as I work out the kinks sorry about this please bear with me as I should hopefully get this  finished soon.
In the mean time please visit my linkedin page to find out about me.

Gary Mullen and The Works

Garry Mullen and The Works are a Queen tribute band that are around the world with there One night of queen show. The old website...

i got my question answered by Chris Coyier Dave Rupert and Ethan Marcotte at shoptalk my question was on Masonry style layouts( about 57mins in ).

Hacked! All my page links are redirecting to another website

my hosting account got hacked as you can see in this low quality youtube video on how I got Hacked.  Basically any link you...