This Year me and my nine year old son Malin, decided to walk the South Downs Way(SDW) in preparation for walking the West Highland Way(WHW) in April(2017). Both myself and Malin have decided to write about our training, equipment, antics on our walks.

How to play my Walking Memory Game

I have invented a great new walking game, because we got board of playing eye-spy when we are out walking .  I find this game helps when your starting to feel tired and want to take your mind off walking. My  memory game help’s  to speed up my walking and make walking more fun.

How to play

The game starts with the youngest  player saying “In my backpack I have a…” then he or she decides on something (a noun) beginning with the letter A. So they would say something like: “In my backpack I have an apple” or anything beginning with an a. Then the next person would say some thing beginning with B, for example  “In my backpack I have an apple and a Baboon ”  and so on through the alphabet.

So the idea is that you must remember all the objects in the backpack. If you get any wrong or miss any out, then you are out of the game! The game continues until there is only one player left, he or she is the  winner. If you get to the end of the alphabet you can start from the letter A again and go back through the alphabet!

How many players

I have played with up to 6 people, but it’s best to play with just 2 or 3, because with lots of players you get through the alphabet  too quickly and it is harder to remember every thing that is said by the other players, therefor it is best to play in small groups. In addition, small children can have a turn much quicker and don’t need to remember as much between turns.

A good strategy is to try to think of things that people don’t normally think of when you say a letter. For example instead of apple for A try aardvark or airship as this will stop the game being predictable and boring. 

Level up

So once you have master the game above then you can add in number to the items like “I have 23 Albatrosses  and 15 baboons  i now have 38 things in my bag”. the idea is that you need to know what is in this bag as well as how many of each thing and the running total.

If you have you any other games you play when your out walking then please let us know. or if you make a new version of the memory game then i would love to hear about it. please leave a comment below.

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  1. Chris Walters 16 January , 2017

    Hey Malin

    That sounds reallly good!

    Good luck!

    Best wishes from an acquaintance of your dad (he used to help us with our website design and stuff) – and your Mum when she used to work at Glyndebourne

    Chris – from Eastbourne

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